Canon 5D MII EF70-200 f4L@200 | 1/10s | f/32 | ISO100 | Handheld

This is an extremely expressionistic photograph of couple of trees which I took in last Autumn. It is almost impossible to tell the trees or their leaves. You may think that “well! you have played a lot with the photo in Photoshop”. But, although I am totally OK with processing photos in Photoshop, this photo is not altered or edited, aside from color-tonal changes. The extremist manipulations has happened during the shooting of this photo. As an experiment, I decided to shoot with low shutter speed in the day light. I also intentionally moved my hands during the duration of exposure. This leads to the weirdest result. Marvelous colors and distorted shapes.I hope you enjoy it too.

For me, this is like a new terrain to explore “abstract” photography: shooting with low shutter speed with controlled camera movements

Note: This photo is published in response to this post from Roland which is about the same topic.