the bird

Canon 5D MII EF70-200 f4L@100 | 1/80s | f/16 | ISO200 | Handheld

This photo is one of my favorites. I like its mood, elements and vision.

I like the dualities embedded in this photo: “bird-man” and “tree-sea” … or “man-tree” and “sea-bird”. And I like all those subtle things that catch the eyes after a while:

The bird is standing on one leg, probably relaxing, while the man is standing on both legs, probably wondering. The sea is calm and protective, the tree is also calm and protective. The water and the bird are bright, the man and the tree are dark; and it’s a real contrast: land vs. sea. There is a coach, but the man stands still (why?). Both the man and the bird are lonely. They are near each other, but as if they are from different species (indeed they are literally from different species!) they don’t seem to be much connected to each other.

I chose the title of this photo after long thinking: “the bird”. Somehow that bird is the center of this photo. It’s like as if everything is related to it, it’s a pillar that holds all the elements together. It’s small, but is the “punctum” of the photo.

I like this photo beyond what I just said. Somehow, it feels “perfect” to me. I rarely come close to this feeling. I rarely feel that my work is near “perfection”.

I still cannot believe that I actually took this photo. It was totally an accident. I was walking with a group of friends on coastline and I almost shoot this photo while walking. I was so lucky…